Olawi charity organization’s activities

The Olawi charity organization has activities in sections like education, health, environmental protection, disabled, handicap and orphanages as per following so that you will be acquainted.


The Olawi charity organization has covered about twenty high schools in Herat province. The organization is trying to provide schools moreover with better education for the children of this country.

Therefore, we have tried to equip the schools of Herat province with the best equipment including table, chair, book cabinet, computers, and other accessories for the classrooms and schools’ departments and so fare the schools of Herat province such as Sultan Ghiasuddin Ghori, Balian High School, Rabat Pirzadeh High School in the angel District, Abdul Ali Shah Tokhi High School, Mirman Hayati high school and Shirin Azim high school has been covered.

Disabled and handicap:

The Olawi charity organization has been working extraordinary on activities in the disabled and handicap section including the distribution of wheelchair for more than 600 disabled, rechargeable wheelchair, walkers, toilets and baths desk, walking stick and other equipment which used by disabled and handicap.


The most vulnerable in the community, are children in Afghanistan. In this case the Olawi charity organization is trying to expand its activities in this section. A good example of this cooperation can be found at the Khwajeh Abdullah Ansari orphanage (girls and boys section). The Olawi charity organization has provided to the above-mentioned orphanage accessories like school bags, chair, wheelchair, towel and toys.

Translated By : Sayed Zalmay Sadat 

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