The OLAWI charity organization’s future planning:

The Olawi charity organization has always been trying to find needy individuals with coordination of governmental and artistic- cultural organizations.

After visits many schools and different organizations, we found that many of these schools and organizations still demands for our help in which requires the Olawi charity organization to pay moreover focus on these schools and organizations. The needy organizations are as per following:


Mehal dasht high school in Gozara sub-district Herat:

This school has 3000 student that is in Gozara – Herat. the school is public and has standard building but according to the huge number of students, many of student has not access to these facilities and often they sit on the floor, teacher has chair, table and student has no computer. Chair, table, computer, and carpet are urgent needs in this school.  The Olawi charity organization has a plan to provide computer class with 10 PC and to provide chair and table for this class and other classes. The office in this school also has no furniture which requires to be provided by the Olawi charity organization as well.

Karte Amin high school 8th zone Herat:

This girls and boys school is located in 8th zone of Herat municipality which has so many students. The building is belonging to state and located in a densely populated city.  In our research we found that the school is in urgent needs which often its students sits on the floor, sidewalks and under the shadow of trees to learn. The facilities of the school’s offices are low and teacher use shared chair, (tow person use one chair). The school does not have computer class and during the many years students has always learned computer in theory, but not practically.

The Olawi charity organization has planning to provide chair, table and 15 pc for computer class. The organization also plans to provide furniture for the offices and other classes and carpet for those students whom learn in open space.

Darb Kandahar girls high school Herat:

The school is located at the center of city and apparently the quantity of students is so much. Sadly, the students have no access even to ordinary facilities while it is in a densely populated place of the city. After visiting the school, Olawi charity organization determined to cooperate in some extent to provide facilities and included to future planning in order to bring changes somehow better.

Herat teacher association:

This association is made by ingenuity of Herat teacher. The activities of association are effective, has one department in a state’s building which is belonging to Herat education administration and all its facilities are temporary and borrowed. They need Olawi’s charity organization cooperation for their monthly meetings primary feature, following their goals.

The Olawi charity organization has plan to furnish the association’s accessories like chair, table, cupboard and computer. the organization long term plan is to equip the association’s four departments in four sub-districts of Herat and if we can support, so teachers can make gathering in order to solve their and student’s problems which has direct effect on education system in Herat.

Handicapped Social Association in Al- Mahdi settlement- Herat:

This association is made by ingenuity handicapped and located in the heart of Herat which is nice place. The building is rental and the fare pays by one of the Afghanistan parliament member. The Olawi charity organization has recently helped this association with 11 pc wheelchairs, 10 pairs of hand sticks, 10 pc walkers, 1 pc table and 4 pc chairs and it requires to help other handicapped in this association to be solved their problems.

The Olawi charity Organization has a plan to provide 10 pc computers for this association and open free tuition computer course for handicapped individual and it should be mentioned that Mrs. Ahmadi, handicapped in this association, graduated from computer course, pledged that she will take the responsibility of teaching others. The association is due to teach non- handicapped individuals also for 50 percent paying tuition so that through this training course incomes, help handicapped.

Nigaristan Haft qalam 2th zone Herat:

Nigaristan is a beautiful place in the heart of Herat city and I guess not so many people know from its existence. It has a pool which its water can be drunk or can be used for ablution. The pool is located in behind the stock alley Herat. for the moment this pool is no longer useable but it is changed to a place of art with classic design by great calligrapher like Mr. Nawid Alam and Mr. Mash-uf.

The place from the floor up to ceiling is now changed to place of learning art. The beautiful calligraphy panel of Nastaliq, Shikasta, Thuluth and Naskh with upraised willow in artistic canvas frame, changed the mood moreover artistic. Wall and the clay roof is made to a beautiful in this art place. To admire these all goodness and beautifulness, The Olawi Charity organization has delivered some presents to this Nigaristan for the sake of encouragement and pledged for better equipment of Nigaristan. They also pledged to Olawi charity organization that they will teach the art of calligraphy with free tuition up to 50 students in every 3 months program.

Hopes both sides fulfill their commitment so that in collective, we can do something good in the field of culture and art in this land of art.

Future visits:

Hindus School in Injeel sub district Herat.

Mir Abdul Waahed Shaheed school.

Chess federation.

Translation by: Sayed Zalmai Sadat 

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